Joey Ryan is a professional wrestler that competes on the independent circuit. He first broke onto the scene in 2000, and helped to start Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. From there, he wrestled for years around the world before he was signed TNA Wrestling. He was soon returned to the independents where he now works as part of The World's Cutest Tag Team with Candice LeRae. Read More.
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Joey Ryan Proposes to Laura James at FCW
Published by: · Date: 2016/02/23 · Filed Under: Videos

Joey Ryan surprises his girlfriend Laura James by proposing to her in the middle of their intergender wrestling match at Finest City Wrestling in San Diego, CA.

Congrats to the lovely couple!

The Kevin Gill Show: Joey Ryan Interview
Published by: · Date: 2015/08/31 · Filed Under: Interviews

It’s Week 68 on The Kevin Gill Show, and it’s time for another amazing Joey Ryan interview!

The following comes courtesy of The Kevin Gill Show:

Joey Ryan is one of the most in demand independent wrestlers in the world, making a full time living internationally on his own terms. Joey gets in depth on getting started, staying relevant, wrestling as performance art, creative freedom, Eric Bischoff, Intergender wrestling, facial hair, Drake Younger’s PMA, Young Bucks in Rolling Stone, John Cena, Candice LeRae, NXT, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Kevin Owens, origins of the lollipop, his time in TNA Wrestling, rebirth of sleaze, Tommy Dreamer, critics, WWE, Sami Zayn, fan support, Super Dragon, the Candice and Joey Show and ProWrestlingTees.Com
“The audience is willing to come along for the ride, let us tell them a story!”-Joey Ryan

Listen NOW on The Kevin Gill Show website, or through iTunes right now.

Beyond Wrestling “Battle of New England Returns ” Results
Published by: · Date: 2015/08/31 · Filed Under: Match Results

Karlee Perez def Joey Ryan via submission
– apparently the match had lots of baby oil and blow pops, including one in Joey Ryan’s butt.

Upcoming Wrestling Schedule: May 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/04/30 · Filed Under: Upcoming Events

Joey Ryan is booked all over the country for the month of May. Wanna know if he’ll be in your neck of the woods? Check out the full list, along with any and all information provided, below.

May 1st – Wrestling 4 Charity
vs unknown
San Jose, CA

May 3rd – West Coast Wrestling Connection
vs unknown
Salem, OR

May 5th – Paragon Pro Wrestling
vs unknown
Las Vegas, NV

May 8th – Five Borough Wrestling
vs David Starr
Brooklyn, NY

May 9th – Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling – Detroit
Best in Detroit 10 Tournament
Detriot, MI

May 10th – Championship Wrestling From Hollywood
vs unknown
Hollywood, CA

May 15th – Alternative Wrestling Show
vs Bboy, Socal Crazy, Cholo
South Gate, CA

May 16th – 3PW Las Vegas
vs unknown
Las Vegas, NV

May 22nd – Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
DDT 4 competition
Reseda, CA

May 24th – Championship Wrestling From Hollywood
vs unknown
Hollywood, CA

May 30th – Metroplex Wrestling
vs unknown
Bedford, TX

May 31st – Inspire Pro Wrestling
vs Tim Storm & Angelus Lane
Austin, TX

[Photos] Freakshow Wrestling “Alien Invasion”
Published by: · Date: 2015/04/28 · Filed Under: Gallery Update

On April 16th, Joey made his way to the eccentric Freakshow Wrestling to participate in their Alien Invasion event. At the show, Joey competed in a title match against Funnybone for the Freakshow Wrestling title. Unfortunately for Joey, he walked away empty handed.

Below is a quick recap from SoCalUncensored

Freakshow Championship:
Hoodslam’s Pooh Jack is your special guest referee as Former TNA star & So Cal’s own “Hollywood Own” Joey Ryan accompanied by his manager of the night “Remindo & The Legion of Womb” made their way with Joey to face the reigning Freakshow champion Funnybone…(The Legion of Womb consist of “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo Nakamura & Terra Calaway but if you’re someone who knows your history, Remindo “reminded” us as a Masked Grand Wizard with his outfit).

Early on in the match, Remindo & The Legion of Womb would attack Funnybone to essentially give Joey Ryan the match but perseverance from the champion would show as he was able to take down everyone & deliver a Double Foot stomp from the top rope onto Joey Ryan for the win & retaining the championship.

Funnybone def “Hollywood’s Own” Joey Ryan with a Double Foot Stomp to the back for the win & retaining the championship. After the match, Remindo & The Legion of Womb would use weapons to attack Funnybone until Sage Sin Supreme came out & Pooh Jack help take out everyone as Joey Ryan didn’t want any part of it & watch the mayhem unfold on the stage. The exclamation point in this post beatdown as Remindo was in the Tree of Woe, Pooh Jack & Sage put a trashcan over him & Funnybone hit his Double Foot Stomp on Remindo. Funnybone would then issue a 6 man match to take place at the next event as Freakshow champion Funnybone, Pooh Jack & Sage Sin Supreme face Remindo & The Legion of Womb.

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The Candice & Joey Show: Episode 106
Published by: · Date: 2015/04/17 · Filed Under: The Candice & Joey Show

Episode 106 of The Candice & Joey Show takes us within WrestleCon in San Jose this year.

XICW “Best in Detroit 10” – May 9th 2015
Published by: · Date: 2015/04/16 · Filed Under: Upcoming Events

XICW (Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling) has announced the very first competitor for their Best in Detroit 10 event that they will be holding on May 9th at Imperial House in Clinton Township, MI.

Who’s the first competitor? Why it’s Joey Ryan of course. Joey Ryan has his eyes set on winning the tournament even though there are no other competitors listed yet. Maybe Joey can just walk in and win it all on his own without having to wrestle? Doubtful, but we’ll be sure to share with you all other competitors as the show gets closer.

As of right now, tickets start at $25 for front row, $20 for second & third row, and $15 for general admission. They also have a VIP Fan admission for $45. If you plan to get your tickets at the door please be advised that there is a $5 increase. If you’re ready to buy your tickets now, please click here.

Joey (& Candice?) WrestleCon Adventure Video Preview
Published by: · Date: 2015/04/16 · Filed Under: Videos

Joey’s running wild all over San Jose at Wrestlecon 2015, but where’s Candice? As Joey will quickly tell you again and again if you buy this dvd, “She got a bloody nose at Shimmer, and she’s taking care of that right now but I promise you she’ll be here and I’ll find her…”

Spoiler Alert: He finds her! You never know who Joey will bump into next as he searches for the other half of the World’s Cutest Tag Team in this amazing Wrestlecon Adventure. So come along for the ride guys!

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Preorder: Joey Ryan’s WrestleCon Adventure

WrestleCon Supershow 2015 Results
Published by: · Date: 2015/03/29 · Filed Under: Match Results

No Wrestlecon is complete without a tag team match involving The World’s Cutest Tag Team, now is it?

Last night Joey and Candice took on the team of The World’s Dudest Tag Team, Caleb Konley & Zane Riley. World’s Cutest vs World’s Dudest….only in wrestling right? Well, the match was pretty good with Joey and Candice getting the upperhand for the most part, especially after a “I want Candice” chant! The World’s Cutest Tag Team picked up the win after a brief comeback from Konley and Riley with Candice pinning Konley off a flying head scissors.

King of Indies 2015: Night 1 Results
Published by: · Date: 2015/03/28 · Filed Under: Match Results

San Jose is running wild with wrestling this weekend as WrestleMania, Wrestlecon, and all sorts of independent wrestling promotions roll into the beautiful state of California. Tonight though we’ll be turning our attention to the King of Indies as they conducted their Night 1 event this evening.

In Night 1 of King of Indies, Joey Ryan participated in the Main Event, yes THE Main Event, against the extremely talented Ricochet and Matt Cross. In what can only be described as a fun match with a flurry of high-flying moves, Joey Ryan had to watch helplessly as Ricochet picked up the victory on Matt Cross with a Michinoku Driver.

Tough luck for Joey, but we’re sure things will pick up tomorrow!

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